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Don’t Be Left Out, Book Buford Bear Today and Include Him in Your Next Entertainment Schedule…!

For 25 years, Buford Bear and His Miniature Truck has been listed on entertainment schedules of nearly 200 fairs, festivals and special events across the United States… When Buford rolls in to perform, the excitement of the kids and adults take precedence. “Family-Friendly” interaction with this lovable hillbilly-bear character, is appreciated by everyone. Kids approach the puppet truck and carry on conversations with Buford and the adults stand back and try to figure out how it all works. A fair manager in Ohio, said he always liked watching the amazement of peoples reactions when Buford was around…

Book this “Class Act” that everyone is talking about… and the one that your event patrons will never forget…!

Eyes glisten and smiles broaden when Buford comes off with a zany joke or two – then, Buford pays close attention when kids come out with one of their own jokes or stories… kids get it and Parents Love it. At a recent fair in North Carolina, a 4 year old boy, said “that’s a good-one” when ole Buford finished his rendition of why the chicken crossed the road…! With over 3500 single performances, Buford would have to say, “kids truly say the funnest things.” Many Fairs and festivals have repeatedly booked Buford Bear and His Miniature Truck year after year…

What are people saying about Buford Bear?

Our patrons love Buford Bear! The act is friendly, clean and professional. Buford has been at our fair multiple years. It’s great family entertainment that all ages enjoy.

Cathy Call Cunningham

Summit County Fair, Ohio

“Our fair looks forward to Buford Bear and His Miniature Truck year after year. Fair guests enjoy Buford’s daily appearances on the mid-way. Kids and adults love the personal interaction with Buford Bear. It’s a pleasure to work with this Jeff during the week of the fair.”

Ron Meyer

President, Will County Fair – Illinois

“The City of Logan West Virginia Freedom Festival has booked Buford Bear at our festival. Buford is always a huge hit with the kids and the adults as well. I can’t say enough about Jeff, he’s a great person to work with and we have become personal friends.”

Serafino Nolletti

Mayor, City of Logan West Virginia

“Buford Bear and His Miniature Truck is not only a kid favorite, but a class act the entire family loves. Always fun to stand back and watch the smiles on people’s faces. A great strolling act for your fair or festival.”

Krista Snodgrass

President, Putnam County Fair West Virginia